Testing of emergency lights, fire equipment, and testing and tagging of electrical equipment are not the only services that Fire Safe Australia and New Zealand offer. We endeavour to meet all fire protection and safety needs of our customers to ensure that their sites meet compliance and are safe for their employees and customers. For this reason we choose to work with industry leading suppliers to source the materials for our jobs.


Pratt Safety Systems’ Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinet

Recently Fire Safe ANZ was tasked with supplying a cabinet to a site of one of Australia’s leading tyre providers for the storage of flammable liquids as is required under Australian Standard 1940. Our first and the only choice that we considered was to attain this cabinet from Pratt Safety Systems.

Pratt Safety Systems are an independent, Australian owned family business who were the first company to introduce dangerous goods storage cabinets into Australia in 1981, providing them with over 30 years of experience and expertise with these products.  Despite this long history of supply, they have not been complacent with their product as they are committed to ongoing product development. This is demonstrated by their new range having the additional features of recessed door handle with key lock, sequential self-closing and self-latching doors, and an internal and external powder coated paint finish for improved chemical resistance.

Due to the large variety of dangerous substances and their different storage requirements as per the standards, Pratt Safety Systems offers an extensive range of dangerous goods storage cabinets. These include flammable liquid storage cabinets, corrosive storage cabinets (metal and polyethylene), toxic substances cabinets, oxidising agent storage cabinets, organic peroxide storage cabinets and class 4 dangerous goods cabinets. All cabinets are designed and manufactured to comply with the relevant Australian Standards resulting in individual differences between each style of cabinet. However the general structure includes 50mm vent bungs fitted into the side walls for the venting of cabinets where required. They are also manufactured with double steel walls to provide thermal insulation and a 150mm deep liquid-tight sump for the safe containment of any leakage or spillage. As a more recent development, earthing wire is included with each cabinet to help prevent ignition through reducing the potential build-up of static electricity. All appropriate class labels, capacity labels, identification and instruction labels are also applied to each cabinet.

All cabinets are fully assembled and are packed on a wooden skid encased with a thick honeycombed cardboard carton to protect the cabinets during transportation and storage.

Fire Safe Australia & New Zealand are extremely pleased with the quality of product provided and the attention to detail from Pratt Safety Systems. We endeavour to provide only the best service and products to our customers through ensuring that we only work with companies who ensure the same.