Harbourview Hotel North Sydney


View from Harbourview Hotel North Sydney

Built in 1970, Harbourview Hotel North Sydney has an unsurpassed view of Sydney Harbour and the city beyond. The Hotel attracts both international and domestic business travellers and tourists throughout the year. The Hotel prides itself in providing guests with superior service and hospitality in its impressive surroundings.  At over 16 stories high, with its unique crescent shape designed to make the best of views to the harbour, it is a well-known icon of the North Sydney Skyline.

Fire Safe ANZ has been working closely with Harbourview Hotel North Sydney’s maintenance staff since 2009, providing an Essential Services Maintenance Package to their numerous fire systems including automatic sprinkler systems, fire hydrant system, emergency warning and intercommunication system, fire detection system, emergency lighting system and portable firefighting equipment.

Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems

old pump 2

Original diesel pump

The building’s automatic fire sprinkler system ensures that the building has an ever present suppression, capable of automatically extinguishing any fire before it takes hold, risking occupant’s lives, the property and its surrounds.  The building’s twin systems protect all areas of the hotel, from the plant rooms high atop the building to the depths of its 4 storey underground car park.  The systems are serviced by several pumps to ensure water pressure is always available as it is required.  To maintain a consistent ability to extinguish a fire when necessary, the pumping systems are required to deliver over 850 litres per minute to any part of the building. With the highest sprinkler over 45m from ground level, the pumps are a critical function of the entire system.

The system’s secondary pump is a diesel powered back-up pump located on the 15th storey roof of the Hotel. After several years maintaining the system that was installed with the buildings construction in 1970, the decision was made to upgrade to a new system that would be fully enclosed from the elements to give the building many more years of protection.

Collaboration with Aline Pumps

The origin of Aline Pumps dates back to 1995 and with a growing team  and newly improved head office facilities in Sydney’s South, they are today known as one of the leading suppliers in pumping systems, with multi-state offices and products now installed all over the nation.  Fire Safe ANZ have worked closely with Aline Pumps in the past to deliver cost effective and efficient replacement solutions to buildings that have been identified as having ageing automatic fire sprinkler and fire hydrant booster pumps.

Aline Pumps’ project consultant Peter Sharpe worked closely with Fire Safe ANZ’s project team to provide a plan tailored to the specific requirements of the hotel. After careful consideration, a new centrifugal pumping system with a 35kW diesel engine was specified for the job.   

A Challenging Install

New pump with a 35kW diesel engine

New pump with a 35kW diesel engine

Normally exchanging a 500kg pump of this nature would be a somewhat difficult task. Having to manage the process at a busy North Sydney Hotel, passing through a maze of obstacles, including a hotel foyer and a crowed plant room to the 15 storey roof top, would prove to be especially challenging.  Safety for employees and clients is always a priority and working closely with the Hotel’s Chief Engineer David Ma, a solution to transport the new installation was devised.  Utilising the expertise of Matthews Rigging who came equipped with gantries and various lifting equipment, the new engine, pump and enclosure made its way from the loading dock to its destination within half a business day. The return journey of the older pump was carried out in a similar fashion.


A Challenging install of the diesel fire pump

Pump being carried up in the goods lift

Collaboration with Aline Pupms

Collaboration with Aline Pumps

The Result


Successfully upgraded pump system

Transporting multiple components to a challenging location, along with all wiring and plumbing works associated, to get a critical pumping system online rapidly, is a challenging task for fire maintenance providers.  Fire Safe ANZ and Aline Pumps had the new system installed, commissioned and had removed the old system within three days.

Stuart Mercier, General Manager of the Harbourview Hotel noted “I was quite impressed by the turnaround of the works by the project team; the new pump was installed with minimum disruption to the Hotel’s operations”.

The new system will continue to serve the fire safety requirements of this iconic property well in to the future.  If you have any enquires into the maintenance and upgrade of fire system booster pumps, please contact Fire Safe ANZ to speak to a representative.