Emergency Evacuation Diagrams

Fire Safe ANZ designs Emergency Evacuation Diagrams for various types of buildings

Legislation Standards Compliance

The new standard requires Emergency Evacuation Diagrams and Plans to be placed in common areas. Each diagram must be orientated to the direction of exit from the point of view of the viewer.

As part of this design and safety service from Fire Safe ANZ you will be supplied with a full set of Emergency Evacuation Diagrams for your premises.

Compliant Emergency Evacuation Diagram

For the Emergency Evacuation Diagrams to be compliant its must include the following:

  • Display a validity date Display a Version control sequence
  • Reviewed at intervals no greater than 5 years
  • Diagrams shall also exhibit a “YOU ARE HERE” indicator

The number of plans each level or area requires is set by the EPC. The size options of an Evacuation diagram can be either:

  • A4 if the Assembly Area is not shown as a pictograph
  • A3 which is the preferred option to clearly represent both the floor plan and the Assembly Area plan.

AS3745 2010, otherwise known as “Planning for Emergencies in Facilities,” requires companies and buildings to have Evacuation Diagrams in all facilities (including common areas when referring to multi-tenanted buildings)

Note: Hydrants have also been included in the list of equipment to be shown on the diagrams. A sample evacuation Sign and Diagram is shown to the above, click the image to see a larger version.

Site Survey

Fire Safe Australia & New Zealand Pty Ltd will survey required sites and produce professionally designed and drawn framed Emergency Evacuation Documentation in accordance with the various state requirements.