What are evacuation diagrams?

Australian Standard AS 3745:2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities describes emergency evacuation diagrams as “Emergency and evacuation information about the facility, comprising a pictorial representation of a floor or area and other relevant emergency response information.”


Does my building require evacuation diagrams?

The Standard is applicable to all buildings, structures or workplaces that are occupied by people, with the exception of single or attached home dwellings such as a house or row of terrace houses.  So yes, it is quite likely your building does require an evacuation diagram or plan.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for the specific requirements of your building in relation to the Building Code of Australia.

Could I create my own evacuation diagrams?

Certainly, the Australian Standard clearly outlines the requirements for diagrams and has examples for easy reference, this has been the choice in the past for many businesses with smaller requirements.  However as buildings become larger or your property portfolio includes more sites, it becomes increasingly difficult to remain compliant.

To comply you need to address the following;

  • How many and where diagrams should be presented
  • What equipment and information to include in the diagrams
  • The appropriate size for the diagrams
  • When the diagrams must be reviewed and updated
  • An understanding of assembly points and egress paths

Fire Safe ANZ’s design service

Fire Safe ANZ’s design team can supply your building with the following;

  • Clear and concise diagrams with several printing choices
  • We can draft from architectural drawings, site sketches or complete site inspections to draft the diagrams
  • We can work with site supervisors to remotely complete “mark –ups and revision” to reduce cost
  • Fully complaint diagrams at industry leading rates
  • Customised branding, colours and language selections are available
  • Other services include – traffic plans, master site plans, directional signs and fire sprinkler & hydrant block plans.

Our customers’ experience

Goodyear Autocare / Beaurepaires

Goodyear Autocare has been the pioneer and leader of the advanced tyre technology
throughout their 117 year history. Fire Safe ANZ has been working closely with Goodyear Autocare & Beaurepaires since 2011.

“We have been working with Fire Safe ANZ to organize evacuation diagrams for our retail sites. Their full service package including the site inspection, printing and installation has been saving us from the preparation time and complication.”
Vania Pratt | Property Support & Store Development Manager 

For more examples, advice and pricing for this service, please contact us.