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iFLY Indoor Skydiving in Penrith

In September 2014, Indoor Skydive Australia Group Ltd. (ISA Group) opened the “iFLY Downunder” facility, Australia’s first indoor skydiving wind tunnel, at the Penrith Panthers Entertainment Complex in Sydney’s Western Suburbs.   Since the facility opened, it has been providing an “all weather” state-of-the-art skydiving experience that is safe for young children, challenging for adults, exciting for teens and a realistic experience for accomplished and trainee skydivers.

iFLY have flown over 5.5 million people throughout their global network, utilising Sky Venture Tunnel technology, the world largest vertical wind tunnels.  In early 2016, a new centre is scheduled to open in the heart of Surfers Paradise.

ISA Group has recently opened its second tunnel on the Gold Coast and will be adding to its site with Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne in the near future. 

Wind Tunnel Technical Design & Interconnected Fire System


Vertical Wind Tunnels – How do they work?

The Penrith facility is a “dual-loop recirculating wind tunnel”.  It utilises four 450hp electric fans to circulate air around two perimeter towers, concentrating the flow into a 150mph airstream within the flying chamber to re-create the skydiving experience within the confines of a building.  

With the combination of high air movement and the traditional fire safety and egress issues associated with high traffic entertainment venues, the iFLY Downunder facility utilises a number fire & evacuation systems.  These include fire extinguishers & blankets, fire hydrant & hose systems, fire door sets, emergency evacuation lighting and fail safe devices in addition to several passive construction techniques. 

The heart of the buildings fire system is its advanced fire detection and evacuation system that constantly interacts with the building’s environment and other systems, such as the flying chamber itself.  This system includes a fire indicator panel, occupancy warning system and fire brigade alarm signalling equipment.

Advanced Interconnected Fire Detection & Occupancy Warning Systems

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Safe for young children and a realistic experience for accomplished skydivers

The facility’s fire panel receives information from environmental sensors such as heat and smoke detectors and manually triggered call points that when activated, automatically complete the following;

  • Identifies location of the raised alarm
  • Immediately notifies the local fire brigade to have a truck dispatched
  • All background music in the facility drops to allow for easier emergency communication
  • All air-conditioning is shut down to limit air movement
  • All security locked doors are released to allow the safe exit of clients and staff
  • The flying chamber fans are shut down with its Operator informed of the issue through the chambers electronic dashboard
  • The buildings occupancy warning system is engaged to alert staff and client to the presence of a possible emergency. This can be manually overridden to deliver any message required by the facilities staff

This type of system requires constant monitoring and maintenance to ensure the correct operation in the event of an emergency and any other faults that can cause the facility to shut down when not in any danger of fire.  The system is tested monthly, six monthly and annually to current Australian Standards 1851 and 1670. 


Fire Safe ANZ’s Steve explaining the fire alarms in details

Fire Safe ANZ chosen by Indoor Skydive Australia Group

Fire Safe ANZ currently provides an Essential Services Maintenance Package to over 50 high-traffic entertainment facilities across Australia & New Zealand.  With three more indoor skydiving venues due for completion across the continent by 2020, Fire Safe ANZ is an excellent fit for ISA Group as their ongoing fire maintenance provider and emergency planning consultants. 

Engaged since 2014 for regular maintenance, installation at new facilities and evacuation consultation, Fire Safe ANZ is pleased to have Indoor Skydive Australia Group as a valued client.


Indoor Skydive Australia Group National Facilities Manager Holly Killam was present at the recent testing;

“Fire Safe ANZ’s technician Steve can explain our fire alarms in real detail; my site staff are now more familiar and confident with the system in case of any emergency or building fault.  We have found Fire Safe ANZ’s service courteous, knowledgeable and responsive”

Please click here to review how Fire Safe ANZ essential service maintenance package can assist your facility.

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