The Salvation Army Facility

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The Salvation Army Facility

The Salvation Army Facility we provided the Emergency Training Courses recently is a collection of buildings that includes administration blocks, a day care centre, various halls for community events such as concerts and youth groups, a congregational hall for worship and a retail store.  With a site that houses a wide variety of events and services, that may have several hundred people onsite at any time, it is essential that site staff have fundamental skills to deal with emergency and fire situations. 

Fire Safety Awareness Courses and Basic Fire Warden Training are chosen by businesses to develop the fundamental safety knowledge and skills required to deal with emergency and fire situations.  This Salvation Army site took up both of these courses provided by Fire Safe ANZ and completed them in late 2015.

Fire Safety Awareness

The Fire Safety Awareness course improves the overall safety awareness through both theoretical and practical components.  The course includes training about the various types of fires that may occur at a given site and the correct and safe use of fire extinguishers and fire blankets. 

With a number of different types of fires and extinguishers, it is important for every employee to understand what each type of extinguisher is suitable for.   The practical training on fire extinguishers (including a live discharge) helps reduce the fear of using the firefighting equipment in the event of an actual fire incident.

Basic Fire Warden Training

The Basic Fire Warden course covers all the knowledge and skills required for an individual to act as a Fire Warden through theoretical components. This can be then tested in a live evacuation drill. The course also allows the sites ECO (Emergency Control Organisation) to identify which and how many staff members are needed for the role by providing them with the understanding of a Fire Warden’s tasks in an emergency. 


An attendee from The Salvation Army said the following of the courses – “The trainer was excellent, explained everything very well, it was a great presentation that was very informative and easy to understand”. 


Principal Trainer Gail Teaching Fire Safety Awareness Course

Why Fire Safety and Emergency Training is Important

“Do your site staff know what to do in the event of an emergency? We believe our training is essential in making people aware of equipment already placed in their workplace, and be confident knowing how to use it.”

                                             – Gail Cook, Fire Safe ANZ Principal Trainer

A regular fire safety and emergency training program is required for workplaces in line with current WHS legislation; a training program should comply with AS 3745-2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities.  The training provides staff with the skills, knowledge and confidence to act appropriately in a fire or emergency event to prevent the loss of life and property.